The Story of BW Party Supply

We get asked all the time: “What does the BW stand for?”

It’s a great question!  Here’s the answer:

When Mike and his family first moved to Fairfield County, they noticed a road named Bob White.  Their first thoughts were “who’s Bob White and what did he do to get a road named after him?”  After a little research, they realized Bob White wasn’t a WHO, it’s a WHAT.  A Bob White is also known as a Virginia Quail and can be found in numerous parts of North America.  It has beautiful coloring.

During the pandemic, Mike took up cooking for the family’s three teenage boys, who eat a LOT of food!  He was having so much fun with this that he dubbed his home BW Bar & Grille.  He would post videos and photos of what he cooked, tagging BW Bar & Grille as his location.

When the opportunity came up to launch a small party and event rental business, he wanted to keep the BW as part of the name.  So…BW Party Supply was formed!

From a little bit of research to now launching a business, the Bob White will forever be part of our family.

About The Owner

Family man, Jeep lover, big Giants fan, and of course…party and event rental business owner.

That’s how you describe Mike Whitman, owner of BW Party Supply.  He has been happily married for over 20 years to his amazing wife, Meghan.  They have three boys.

Mike has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, even from his early days when he used to ride along with his dad.  His father owned a commercial kitchen equipment repair business and would bring Mike along on jobs.  His favorite ride alongs were the donut shops where the owners would pay him to make donut boxes while his dad repaired something in the kitchen.  A quarter a box! Which back then was good money for a kid that age!

While Mike took the corporate path for most of his career, he had continued to study different businesses, tinkering with ideas, and looking for opportunities to launch something of his own. That happened in 2022 with the start of BW Party Supply, a delivery focused party and event rental business.  He’s excited for this journey and thankful for the opportunity to share in the success of your events!

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